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Jen's Thai-Joy Secret

Okay guys, here's how to make your own Thai-joy super-slick, nuru, nuru with all natural ingredients.

This stuff really works.

To make your own Thai-Joy lotion, its as simple as one..two..three.. or if you feel bold, one..two..three...four.

The all natural ingredients to making a fantastic nuru nuru are.

  1. Warm water
  2. A natural oil such coconut oil
  3. Food grade Vegetable Glycerine
In case you aren't familiar with vegetable glycerine, its a pure, sweet, colorless liquid that is refined out of vegetable oils. Glycerine is found in thousands of body products all over the world, and is completely safe, comes in a food grade formulation. and is very easy to find.

When you put Thai-joy on your skin, its the combination of glycerine and coconut oil together which gives it the super-slick quality. And of course the warm water dilutes it to the right consistency, and the warmth is erotic.

Warm water is also important because coconut oil is soft but solid at room temperature.

Why coconut oil and not another oil?

You can use another type oil such as almond or sesame, which are traditional massage oils,but the problem is they have a somewhat strong and nutty taste.

On the other hand, water diluted coconut oil is virtually tasteless. If you use coconut oil, the only thing you'll taste during "oral pleasure" is the sweet, sugar-water taste of the glycerine.

There's a fourth ingredient you can use to make the Thai-joy even better. Its a food additive called Xanthum gum.

Xanthum gum, is 100 percent food edible additive found in ice cream, toothpaste, salad oil, and dozens of other products. Its a thickener and emulsifier

You don't have to add Xanthum gum to your Thai-Joy lotion, but a teaspoon of it will thicken it to the fantastic consistency identical to Japanese seaweed nuru.

So exactly how do you mix your Thai-Joy? It depends in part on how much you are going to use at one time but here's the formula for a large bowl full. Enough to literally drench two people, and have plenty left over if you are getting kinky and adding a third partner.

  1. In a measuring cup, pour in about three or four ounces of glycerine.
  2. Add about three ounces of coconut oil.
  3. Transfer the contents into a large bowl.
  4. Add about 3 cups of warm water.
  5. Use a whisk to mix it up.
  6. If you think you need more, gradually add more warm water and test if it is still ultra-slippery. (You can always add a little more glycrine and oil
  7. If you are also using Xanthum Gum, add it last, about a heaping teaspoon full to a large bowl. Then whisk it up once more, and you're ready to slip-n-slide together.


Like everything else in life there are precautions and things to consider.

1. While Thai-Joy should be completely safe, there are always a few people in the world that are allergic to almost anything. Consider testing it first on the inside of your arm, or other logical testing point before you drench yourself in it.

2. The use of condoms. Most people restrict the use of Thai-Joy to the body massaging, and maybe oral pleasure. If you your pleasure extends to where you need to use a condom, make sure you use polyurethene condoms. Even a mile oil like coconut oil can weaken the strength of latex condoms.

3. We're not kidding when we say this stuff is ultra-slick. So if you use it in the bedroom for example, and then stand up, maybe go to the restroom where there is tile or another surface other than carpet, you can easily fall down and crack you head. Wipe your feet first before moving to another area of the house. And be also very cautious in the shower or bath after your lotion massage.

4. Don't try storing left over Thai-Joy. It has no preservatives in it and in about two days will develop mold.

5. Finally, since most a nuru nuru massage is intended to be a drenching experience, you might want to use a quality air mattress rather than your bed -- or at the least, put a protective rubber lined sheet on the bed, if you want to use it that way.

Lastly, you can find all the ingredients at most health food stores like Central Market and Whole Foods, but if you can't find either glycerine, coconunt oil or Xanthum Gum, you can easily find it online.

Well that's it. Have fun guys. Experiment. You really can't go wrong with Thai-Joy.